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GuriGuri Cute Yuffie Complete Edition




Guri Yuffie 4 years ago It's an unofficial scan of a US PSN copy from 1.21 (fixed) with no patches applied so probably won't work with the later patches. FFB'er26 4 years ago Is the Guri Yuffie Complete Edition (not the "Complete Edition") still coming out? I'm probably being a moron but I just can't recall exactly where it is or if it was even recently posted. Thank you. OldRobotWizard 4 years ago In any case I can confirm that it is indeed a 2K PSN version and not just the standard version. Even if it were the original US PSN version I doubt it would work with 1.21 patches, but it should work with a 1.0 patch or the French 1.1 patch as the game didn't get a patch between them (although the hardware revision it uses is a variant that was only available with the complete edition). pikabobo 4 years ago I bought it new from GameStop for about $20. It works fine with 1.21. The game uses all the regular DLC, except for the "others" DLC. This has the graphics for the other characters with their own backgrounds. Their names are Terezi, Sabin, and Kairi. The graphics don't seem to be exactly the same as in the game, however. It's just a bit off. As for the music, it's the "others" music, but not a fan remix. So it's the same music, just without the vocal lines. Do you know where to find this fan remix of the other characters music? I found a video of it, but I'd love to find an album of it if it exists. I really like the song and I want to add it to my collection. I just can't find anything that sounds like it. Does anyone know? edit: Sorry, I'm not really sure if I should be asking on the music forum, but I didn't find the answer in a quick search. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here. EDIT 2: Someone on the MS forums pointed me to this website (warning, wall of text). It looks like it's a rip of the fan remix, but it doesn't seem to have been remixed yet. It's a really good rip





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GuriGuri Cute Yuffie Complete Edition

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